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10 days of fun at lake Balaton


The Jewish International Camp at Lake Balaton is a premier Jewish overnight camp that provides the optimal environment for every teen to grow, and thrive for the rest of their lives. From the moment teens arrive, they are swept up by the positive energy of the camp environment. Free from external distractions and pressures, their days are filled with exploration and discovery of both themselves and the environment around them. There are endless opportunities to be found in the dozens of recreational activities that are offered throughout their camp experience.

Tzemmy Bassman, a Chicago native, currently works as co-director of CTeen Hungary with his wife Sophie, who's a native of N.Carolina. They moved to Budapest two years ago to lead the local Hungarian branch of the Jewish international teen organization, CTeen.

Tzemmy and Sophie have friendly, outgoing, and optimistic natures, and teens are drawn to them immediately. They are looking forward to inspiring and encouraging teens to strengthen their Jewish pride so that they too, can pass it on from generation to generation. 

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The International Jewish Camp in the Balaton is situated on the beautiful grounds at Lake Balaton. The grounds are open, extensive, and filled with natural beauty. There are also additional recreational activities for teens to enjoy all summer long, with direct access to the lake.

Sleeping quarters are modern and spacious and the building houses different sports areas, huge recreational spaces, access to the lake and more. 

Boys & Girls Ages 14-18

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“A summer I will never forget”


Tzemmy & Sophie Bassman

+36 30 558 6039


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